Signature Baby Showers & Stylish Events.

Traditions Parties & Events was designed to remain neutral and chic with elements such as the white flush walls, white fans, white custom speakers and white chairs. The organic feel is provided by the dark wood floor and the green vines that decorate a 30 ft wall in addition to a huge accent grass section. With such a neutral space, your very own touch and decor will certainly make your event a "one of a kind"!

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Baby Showers
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Baby Showers & Bridal Showers

If she's expecting a baby or expecting to get married, then it's time to celebrate the next phase of her life. In the short time that we've been open for business, we have been labeled as the perfect venue for such an intimate celebration. Brunch baby showers and evening bridal showers have become our signature.

Graduations & Anniversaries

Whether it's "You did it!" or "We did it!"... it is certainly a huge accomplishment. 5 years in a university or 50 years of marriage is something you need to celebrate with those that witnessed your journey. Success should be a family tradition so keep it going and keep them coming!

Birthdays & Company Parties

A typical birthday party is way to common for someone like you. No need for multi color walls to announce it's a party. Instead, keep it classy with the white clean walls and a cool vibe. Even your next company tradition can speak millions of your business. You can even host a power boost meeting and treat your staff for a cozy private meal?